Real Estate Photographer

In the competitive real estate industry, a picture is worth more than a thousand words; a high quality picture could mean a fast sale on your newly listed property. When placing your property on the market, it is essential to have a professional photographer shoot your property. In this digital age of technology where images on the Internet not only offer instant access, but also do so with vividness and clarity, pictures are everything. Having your home, business, or commercial property shot by a photographer will shed the best light on your property and offer potential buyers a chance to feel as if they’re standing in their new home.
A professional photographer will know the proper angles from which to capture rooms; they will avoid shadows and dark corners, and have perfected the skill of bouncing and reflecting light to illuminate a space. A wide angle lens is ideal for shooting interior spaces, as it allows you to see an expansive and complete view of a room and allows you to capture things buyers look for; closet space, trim detail, etc. Great photographs practically sell the house for you; professional photographs are like having a virtual open house online. Before you grab your camera phone or new point and shoot camera and think your photos will impress a society of visual consumers, we encourage you to think twice. Brian Arnold has a long career in digital imaging and is currently accepting calls in the Okanagan area.